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    In selecting carpet as your flooring product, one of the hardest decisions will be which colour to choose, simply because there are so many. But the extensive range of carpet types and colours offered by Carpet Court means that you are bound to find exactly the right shade and tone to complement your home. As your carpets will provide many years of comfort, visual elegance and functionality, it is important to invest plenty of time in making the right decision. Carpet Court’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose a carpet you will love and continue to enjoy well into the future.

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    1. Carpet_Alpine_Retreat
      Carpet Alpine Retreat
    2. carpet_antilles_twist
      Carpet Antilles Twist
    3. carpet-atwood-ii-Baccio
      Carpet Atwood II
    4. carpet_coastal_hues
      Carpet Coastal Hues
    5. Defined Charm
      Carpet Defined Charm
    6. carpet_dreamtime
      Carpet Dreamtime
    7. carpet_far_north
      Carpet Far North
    8. carpet_hawksview
      Carpet Hawksview
    9. carpet_everstrand_lucky_charm
      Carpet Lucky Charm
    10. carpet_natural_formations
      Carpet Natural Formations
    11. Carpet_Outback_Spirit
      Carpet Outback Spirit
    12. carpet_parklife
      Carpet Parklife
    13. carpet_lifestyle_passionate
      Carpet Passionate
    14. Carpet_Shetland_Bay_Silver_Frost
      Carpet Shetland Bay
    15. Carpet_Universal_Eggshell
      Carpet Universal
    16. carpet_wayfarer_pacific
      Carpet Wayfarer
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    What carpet colours can I choose from?

    With so many carpet types, colours and fibres to choose from, you can easily find a carpet to perfectly complement your home environment, active family lifestyle and your interior décor at your locally owned and operated Carpet Court store.

    Along with a diverse range of carpet styles including wool or synthetic fibres and cut, loop or twist piles, there will be so many colour options available that it might be hard to choose! To make your selection easier, you can search our carpets within categories specified as light, neutral or dark colours to complement your interior colour schemes.

    As dark carpet styles are currently trending within modern interior designs you may like the bold grey and rich earthy tones found in the Bakers Creek or Cornerstone carpet collections, along with Mountain Chalet and Seamist. Bold and beautiful Borneo also offers a deep, dark and mysterious colour range to create a strong foundation in any room.

    A neutral carpet never goes out of style and can become the uniting force in a room with contrasting colour schemes. Soothing natural shades such as Bondi in the Coastal Hues collection, Torquay in the Ocean Road collection or Kings in the Park Life collection will enhance any space with soft and luxurious, easy-on-the-eye neutral colours.

    How do I choose a carpet colour?

    Choosing a carpet colour can be tricky, so although the website allows you to peruse the vast array of luxurious carpet collections found in all Carpet Court stores, a visit to your local store will help you to consider the carpet samples in natural light and surroundings. Call 1300 CARPET to find your local store and pop in to see the beautiful carpet colours available to complement your interior décor.

    In choosing a carpet colour you should consider practical issues such as the amount of foot traffic in the room, the lifestyle and activity the room is designed for and whether family pets spend time in that area of the home. Light coloured carpets do create a fresh and lively impression, but not if they are subject to spills and stains, dust and dirt or visible pet hair! Also think about your external environment and what is likely to be brought inside on the family’s footwear. In a coastal environment a natural, light coloured carpet may obscure some of the sand that makes its way indoors, and in a rural setting the inevitable dust and dirt can become invisible on a carpet with earthy tones. Choosing a colour which suits your environment will take some of the stress out of maintaining the pristine appearance of your carpets.

    Consider the amount of natural light your rooms receive when choosing a carpet colour because dark carpets will appear darker in a small area and lighter in an open-plan, large or sunny space. If your carpets receive direct sunlight a synthetic carpet may preserve the carpet colour by offering increased resistance to fading from UV exposure. Alternatively, consider installing appropriate sun-filtering blinds from Carpet Court to prevent sun damage to your floors and furniture.

    The pile also has an impact on the visual appearance of the carpet. For example, when light reflects off a twist pile yarn it can create the impression of two different shades while a plush carpet delivers a uniform colour appearance. The loops within a textured carpet also create light and dark shading, which can be helpful in masking dust and dirt particles.

    What Carpet Colours Can I Choose From?

    Does carpet look darker once installed?

    That depends on many factors such as the carpet fibre and pile type, the amount of light in the room, and the size of the space. In a small area carpet may look darker but conversely in a large area it may look lighter. The greatest impact will be the amount of natural light in the room, so if your room doesn’t receive a lot of light allow for the fact that the carpet may appear darker than you expect.

    How can I visualise what my new carpet colour will look like?

    Use the helpful online style visualiser to see how an expanse of carpet colour might look in a room or browse the Carpet Court Design Hub magazine or the Seasonal Trends catalogue for inspirational tips and pictorials  of many different carpet colours in residential settings.

    The knowledgeable and highly experienced team at your local Carpet Court store can also offer invaluable advice regarding the variations to carpet colour caused by lighting, room size and pile type so that you are better able to imagine how certain carpet styles will look in your home and with your existing colour schemes.

    What carpet colour will go with my house? What Carpet Colour will go with my house?

    In selecting a carpet colour to suit your house, consider the impact you want your carpet to have. Is the carpet to make a statement, be a bold foundation or create contrast in the room? If so, choose a bright coloured carpet or a dark carpet with depth to create that wow effect you seek. If the flooring isn’t to be a highlight in the room, choose a neutral carpet over a dark carpet, or a tone which complements and blends with other colours in the room.

    Discuss the geography, era and style of your house with a Carpet Court consultant to determine which colours will work best for you.

    What is the most popular colour for carpet?

    Carpet colours are a little like hairstyles – the most popular or fashionable colour isn’t necessarily going to be the best option for you. Modern homes are looking equally fabulous with rich and smokey greys, warm natural browns, soft neutrals and silvery greys under foot, so if you’re building you have many beautiful colour options in a range of carpet styles. Dark colours are always popular in rental accommodation while light and neutral carpet creates an elegant atmosphere in a formal living area.