Your floors are one of the most important features of your home décor. The type and presentation of your floors create a vibe and leave a strong impression. When you select carpet as your flooring product, you can create a sophisticated yet warm and welcoming vibe which can be tweaked either towards classic or contemporary by the colour and style of carpet you choose. Often found in modern homes, a dark carpet colour is practical and popular with families, landlords and home stylists while also imparting a sense of flair and a certain panache to the overall décor.

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    Carpet Alpine Retreat
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    Carpet Antilles Twist
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    Carpet Coastal Hues
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    Carpet Defined Charm
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    Carpet Far North
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    Carpet Hawksview
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    Carpet Lucky Charm
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    Carpet Natural Formations
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    Carpet Outback Spirit
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    Carpet Parklife
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    Carpet Passionate
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    Carpet Shetland Bay
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    Carpet Universal
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    Carpet Wayfarer
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    Carpet Woolridge
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What dark colours are there for carpetWhat dark carpet colours are available?

Carpet Court have an impressive array of carpets, each boasting an extensive range of colours in varying tones and shades ideal for both home and office.

As dark colours tend to hide the effects of wear and tear, our Borneo carpet collection is a popular choice for use in family homes, establishments with busy foot traffic areas and investment properties. Made from durable synthetic fibres, it is one of our most affordable carpets available in both plain and loop piles.

Borneo comes in ten luxuriously rich colours, designed to create a low maintenance, modern and vibrant floor. Consider the deep, dark and mysterious depths of Galaxy or the rich tones of Peppered. Create a natural, earthy warmth with Bark, Woodland or Spice Brown and produce a contemporary look with the cool greys of Downpour or Midnight.

While many carpets have a dark colour option, you can’t go past the sheer beauty of Alluvial in the Bakers Creek carpet collection. This magnificent, 100% wool carpet available in a highly textural loop style, oozes character and strength while offering soft warmth underfoot.

Rich and powerful and dark as a stormy night, Wayfarer’s deep, dark Bass is a carpet not for the faint-hearted. Radiating pure class and elegance, Bass is a two-toned colour against which a modern décor will shine.

What are the benefits of a dark coloured carpet?

The most obvious benefit of dark coloured carpet is its ability to conceal stains, marks, dirt and some pet hair, making it ideal for families with young children and pets. It is also a popular choice for investment properties.

But a dark carpet also invokes a sense of style, creating a bold statement and contrasting backdrop to the contemporary décor. A dark carpet looks particularly impressive with chrome furniture and boldly coloured soft furnishings.

Are dark coloured carpets easy to maintainAre dark coloured carpets easy to care for?

All carpets should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and the warranty instructions. Whether you select a dark, medium or light coloured carpet in a wool or synthetic fibre, it will still require regular vacuuming, timely spot cleaning and once-yearly professional cleaning.

Dark coloured carpets do tend to show less marks, stains, dust and dirt than lighter carpets, depending on your geographical location and environmental surrounds. A home located near a sandy beach or on a country dirt road may not be the best home to have dark coloured carpet as sand and light dirt can contrast and be more obvious against dark colours, so unless you are happy to clean your carpets frequently you may want to select a mid-range or lighter carpet colour for those homes.

As you would expect, any carpet spills and stains should be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, but tough stains will be less obvious on a dark carpet than a light one.

Can dark coloured carpet help a room feel cosier?

Generally speaking, the soft fibres and textural, tactile elements of wool or synthetic carpet of any colour will make a room feel cosier, certainly in comparison to a hard flooring product. Rugs are usually added to hard floors in order to add that missing element of softness and warmth which is present with carpet.

In a highly modern style of décor where textures and colours may be hard and cold, such as when using chrome, brass, stone or glass, a dark carpet can certainly create a cosier atmosphere in an otherwise cool colour palette.

Deep browns and dark earthy tones will definitely create a cosy feel and are ideal carpets to select for bedrooms and living areas where insulation and noise-reducing properties are also desirable.

Where can I see a carpet colour sample?

Our website has samples of our comprehensive range of carpets and their array of colours. Perusing the website can be a convenient way to narrow down your colour choices, particularly if you utilise our interactive style visualiser. This handy tool helps you to see how a particular carpet might look in a room.

Once you have narrowed down the choices, visit the friendly and helpful staff at your local Carpet Court store to see and feel samples of the carpets you think will suit your home, lifestyle and budget. To find your nearest store, use our online store locater or phone 1300 CARPET.