A beautiful carpet can transform your home from cool to cosy, stark to stylish or shabby to chic. A good quality carpet never goes out of fashion. It is a timeless, sophisticated flooring solution which is both durable and luxurious and will enhance any style of décor. Carpet Court has a substantial selection of carpets in a variety of colours to accompany any interior colour palette, but as your carpet will be a lasting floor covering for many years, a neutral colour is often a wise choice.

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What options are there in neutral carpet coloursWhat neutral carpet colours are available?

Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer. This means they have a comprehensive selection of light, dark, medium and neutral coloured carpets to suit a range of homes. Neutrals are a popular choice for interior styling nowadays, often combined with a variety of different textures and materials to create interest.

When styling a home you can’t go past a beautiful, natural, pure wool carpet or a stunning, durable synthetic carpet in a relaxing, neutral tone. Carpet Court’s Adeline collection has a number of neutrals which would beautifully complement any décor. Imagine the gorgeous natural tones of Stone, Canyon or Linen gracing your floors, offsetting the muted colour palette of your home furnishings. This delightfully soft synthetic carpet is easy to clean and comes with a 10 year stain and wear resistance guarantee. It is a popular and affordable choice for many families.

Antilles Twist is another carpet always in demand for its contemporary look, fading, wear and tear resistance and large range of neutral colours. Sandstone, Latte and Stipple Husk are subtle neutrals delivering classic style to any home while Earthy, Spice and Stipple All Spice offer a little more depth to a natural colour palette.

Most carpets within Carpet Court’s vast selection have a neutral colour option, so browse the range to find one suited to your requirements.

What are the benefits of neutral coloured carpet?

Neutrals make life easy because they go with simply everything! They are everybody’s friend and nobody’s enemy, creating a harmonious union within any environment. Neutrals are like impartial fence-sitters – refusing to take sides while bringing balance to the equation.

Neutrals often rely on varying textures or pops of coloured accessories to bring a little zest to the room. When styled correctly, neutrals are never boring for they create tasteful style and elegance with quiet, understated tact.

Natural light is an important factor in today’s home designs where neutral colour schemes prevail and deliver a relaxing ambience to the home. Choosing a neutral carpet allows other areas of your interior design to feature, such as fabrics enhanced by changing natural light.

How do I care for my neutral coloured carpetAre neutral coloured carpets easy to care for?

A neutral carpet is easily the best colour for absorbing the everyday particles that float and settle on our floors. It is neither so light as to show a multitude of particles nor so dark as to highlight the same.

Your neutral carpet will require no more and no less maintenance than a light, medium or dark carpet. Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning and a yearly professional clean will keep your carpets in tip-top condition and provide you with many years of beautiful flooring.

What should you consider when choosing carpet colour?

Carpeting your home is a considerable investment. A robust wool or durable synthetic carpet will be with you for many years, so if you plan to redecorate other areas of the home choose a neutral colour that will complement any new additions.

Natural light can affect how carpet may look in your home in comparison to what it looks like in the showroom, just as it affects the look of paint or furniture. If you are carpeting a small room with minimal light, keep in mind that the carpet may appear darker once it is laid.

Laying a dark carpet in rooms receiving direct sunlight may cause fading, so protect them by installing sunblock blinds from Carpet Court. Some synthetic carpets are manufactured to better resist damaging UV exposure than natural wool carpets.

Consider your family structure and lifestyle when choosing a carpet colour. A very light carpet may not be the best solution for a home with pets and young children. Also factor the rate of foot traffic the carpet will receive. If it is heavy, such as in a hallway, a medium or dark colour may be better for masking the inevitable dirt and footprints that will prevail.

Will a neutral carpet colour suit my room?

The thing about neutrals is they suit any room from an extremely modern décor filled with bold blacks, deep reds and chrome furniture to a country classic overflowing with rustic charm and natural fibres.

It is important to remember that it is not just the colour but the texture and style of carpet pile which can create an image ranging from sophisticated elegance to contemporary chic. Use the carpet fibre, pattern and type of pile in conjunction with the colour to create a flooring solution which is perfectly suited to your room.