Durable, soft, stylish carpet has long been a popular choice of flooring in many Australian homes. One of the first considerations when selecting a new carpet is the fibre. Years ago, 100% wool carpets were considered to be the best but with the development of technology and manufacturing processes, synthetic carpets are taking over in popularity. The variety of synthetic fibres now means you can have a resilient synthetic carpet with all the luxurious look and feel of pure wool.

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What types of carpet fibres can you choose from?

The natural elegance, durability and beauty of 100% pure wool carpet has stood the test of time and will continue to be a preferred carpet fibre for many families. Some leading brands blend 80% wool with 20% synthetic fibre providing the benefits of both.

Within the range of synthetic fibre carpets, you will find top quality, deluxe carpets made from nylon, polypropylene, polyester and Triexta, which is a recent innovation in textiles. Triexta is a manufactured biopolymer sourced from renewable natural corn sugar. Due to its combination of natural and synthetic fibres, Triexta is incredibly soft and comfortable but also highly resistant to wear and tear, and fading.

Why is choosing the right carpet fibre important?

Carpeting your home or office is a significant investment. Due to it’s durable qualities, the carpet you choose could be with you for many years, so it’s important to make the right choice in accordance with your living conditions, budget and lifestyle.

The key areas to consider when selecting a carpet are stain and fade resistance, comfort and performance. If you have a young family, stain resistance and ease of cleaning may be paramount. In a modern home with floor to ceiling windows, resistance to fading caused by damaging UV rays should be an important consideration in your choice of fibre.

If you are flipping properties or carpeting an office or investment property, comfort won’t be high on your list of priorities but if you intend to live in the home long term then comfort and performance will be high on your list of must-haves.

What types of carpet fibres can you choose from?

What should you consider when choosing the carpet fibre?

Firstly, consider your environment. Is your home situated in a humid climate where mould is prevalent? Are you located near the coast where abrasive sand is frequently drawn into your home? Are you on a farm where dust and dirt are simply parts of life?  In these situations you should assess not just the fibre but the colour and type of pile as ease of cleaning your carpets is probably an important factor.

Do you live in a cold climate and is your home built on a concrete slab? You may find the noise reducing and insulation properties of pure wool to be the most important consideration.

Laying carpet in high foot-traffic areas requires consideration as to which is the most durable fibre with crush resistant properties, and also the easiest to clean.

Does your home receive a lot of direct sunlight? Some synthetic carpet can have better resistance to fading than wool carpet, so the amount of direct sunlight penetration may influence your choice of fibre.

As with most significant purchases during our lifetime, budget is a factor which cannot be ignored. You will find a range of prices within the varying carpet fibres, so consider the ones best suited to comply with your budget. Carpet Court will provide a free in-home measure and quote to help you determine the likely costs.

What are the benefits of synthetic fibre carpet? What are the benefits of synthetic fibre carpet?

Solution dyed nylon carpet is durable and highly resistant to fading, staining and the effects of high traffic. It is also an affordable product for many.

Nylon has a solid reputation for being tough and hard-wearing with excellent stain and fade resistance. Loved by busy families with pets and young children, nylon is an affordable, good-looking carpet choice.

Polypropylene is inexpensive and has good resistance to stains. Due to its strength and durability polypropylene is often used in rental properties, rumpus rooms or playrooms. It is easy to clean and hard-wearing but doesn’t rate highly in the area of comfort.

Polyester carpet outperforms polypropylene in terms of softness, and both wool and nylon when it comes to stain resistance with the added bonus of being less expensive while Triexta carpets have supreme colourfastness.

Synthetic carpets also don’t have the same issues with shedding or pilling like some wool carpets do when they are new. Most synthetic carpets are anti-static and easy to clean.

What are the benefits of wool fibre carpet?

Supremely soft underfoot, luxuriously warm and incredibly durable, 100% pure wool carpet is the ultimate carpet choice. Not only does wool carpet feel amazing under foot, its visual appeal is undeniable.

Wool has natural stain resistance and repels moisture, so it will remain beautiful for many years if spills are cleaned promptly and thoroughly. Wool is a renewable resource, which is an important issue for many people. It is also ideal for family homes as it is more fire retardant than synthetic carpets or timber floors. Wool is a fantastic insulator, helping to keep your home warm and cosy during the cooler months.

Wool can be more expensive than synthetic carpet. Obtain a free in-home measure and quote by calling 1300 CARPET to assess its compatibility with your budget.