As Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated stores, Carpet Court provides the opportunity to select the right carpet for your home from a huge range of carpets of varying fibres, pile types and colours. Carpet is a versatile flooring product providing both practical and aesthetic benefits to your home. It delivers a beautifully tactile experience and the ability to create a broad range of visual impressions. While carpet is a popular choice for living areas of the home, we can also consider the benefits of carpet in specific rooms such as the bedroom.

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What should you consider when choosing carpet for your bedroom?

What to consider when choosing carpet for your bedroom

When choosing carpet for any room in your home always consider your environment. Do you live in a sub-tropical climate with high humidity? A cold climate? In a rural or coastal setting? These factors help to determine whether you should consider wool or synthetic carpet, cut or loop carpet pile, and even the best carpet colour for the room.

In climates with high humidity synthetic carpets are a popular choice because they are treated to repel moisture and inhibit the growth of mould. This is especially important in bedrooms which don’t always receive a lot of airflow and sunlight.

Homes in cold climates appreciate a substantial underlay and a pure wool carpet due to their insulative benefits. Natural wool carpets with a cut plush or twist carpet pile are entirely suitable for bedroom floors as they are excellent noise insulators while being beautifully soft and luxurious to sink your feet into first thing on a cold morning.

Consider which colour will be best for your bedrooms depending on the size of the rooms, the amount of natural light they receive and what sort of use they get. Remember, if you have other flooring types – perhaps tiles or hardwood floors - which adjoin the bedroom carpet, ensure the colour tones match otherwise your floors will look disjointed.

What is the best kind of carpet for bedrooms?

As your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, a soft synthetic or wool carpet is ideal on a bedroom floor which doesn’t see huge amounts of wear and tear. Cut carpet pile tends to deliver a more luxuriously soft feel underfoot than a loop carpet pile, which is important in rooms where you tend to go barefoot.

Imagine waking to the luxurious comfort of the Cloud Walk collection, available in twelve heavenly colours in a twist or plush carpet pile. If you feel this divine synthetic carpet on your bedroom floor first thing in the morning you’ll think you’re still dreaming!

For luxurious master bedrooms with floor to ceiling windows, remember that light coloured carpet is cooler and dark coloured carpet is warmer, as it absorbs the heat from the sun. Keep the aspect of your master bedroom in mind when choosing new carpet, and consider the insulative properties of light and dark carpets in relation to the climate you live in.

As stain resistance isn’t such a strong requirement in a bedroom, wool carpets with natural stain resistance are highly suitable.

Should you have carpet in your bedroom?

Types of carpet that are soft

While there are several flooring options for bedrooms, carpet is a popular choice for many reasons. Carpet creates a warm, soft and quiet base in a room where you are often barefoot. For allergy sufferers cut wool carpet pile is easy to clean and synthetic fibres are non-shedding. While some may believe that hard flooring is cleaner for asthma and allergy sufferers, in fact there is no conclusive proof that carpets create a less hypoallergenic environment. Regular vacuuming with a HEPA filter is recommended for carpets in the bedrooms of asthma or allergy sufferers.

What types of carpet are soft?

At Carpet Court you will find a huge range of beautifully soft wool carpets which are always a popular choice for bedroom floors.

We know that wool carpets have a natural softness and that synthetic fibres tend to be known for their excellent ability to resist wear and tear as well as their stain resistance, colour fastness and resilience. But did you know that innovative technological advancements mean that synthetic carpets are now also delightfully lush and comfortable underfoot?

Consider the beautifully soft Adeline carpet available in a luxuriously deep twist or plush pile carpet made from easy-to-clean polyester. The plain colours provide a solid base from which to create a sumptuous and stylish décor which makes this a popular choice for bedroom floors.

What colours are ideal for your bedroom carpet?

If your bedrooms are small, a carpet in light colours alongside light, neutral walls will create a spacious impression. If a teenager’s bedroom floor will be buried beneath grubby sports equipment and have a lot of tracked-in dirt, a midrange or dark colour might be better than a light colour - and carpet boasting excellent stain resistance is good too!

Neutral carpets are a good choice for bedrooms where you may change the colour scheme – for example your bedlinen or accessories - more often than you would in your living areas.

If your bedroom tends to be on the cold side, consider dark carpet colours for warmth. Rich, deep carpet colours are a popular choice for bedroom floors because they create warmth both visually and by absorbing solar heat through your windows.

The colour of your bedroom carpet also needs to blend with all the floors in your home. To ensure visual continuity and flow, choose colour tones which are complementary across differing floor surfaces such as from bedrooms into ensuites, walk-in robes and hallways.

How much does it cost to carpet a bedroom?

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer which means they have fabulous buying power allowing them to pass significant savings on to you. To determine the cost you need to know the measurements of the surface area you plan to carpet and which synthetic or wool carpet is your preference. You will also need to factor in the cost of installation and underlay.

The best way to ascertain which of Carpet Court’s many sumptuous carpets are within your budget is to request a free, in-home measure and quote to receive firm prices for the total cost of the carpets you have chosen as your favourites.

Booking a quote is easy with Australia’s largest flooring retailer. Use our online booking service to book your free, in-home measure and quote or phone 1300 CARPET to speak with your nearest Carpet Court store today.