Loop Pile

Carpets are constructed in either a loop or a cut pile, or sometimes a combination of both. Within the loop or cut carpet types you will also find a range of types such as plush, twist, textured or plain, and combinations of the same. The variations in type contribute to the different appearances and performances of the carpets. When choosing a carpet it is important to take into account not just the type of pile, but the best fibre and colour to meet your needs.

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What is loop pile carpet? 

A loop pile carpet has strands of wool or synthetic fibres looped through carpet backing. The difference between a loop pile and a cut pile carpet is that the loops are cut in a cut pile carpet.

In level loop pile carpets the loops may be of a uniform length which creates a relatively smooth and even appearance or more commonly the loops are designed to create a patterned and textured appearance.  Some carpet styles combine both loop and cut piles to create distinctive patterns.

What are the pros and cons of using loop pile carpet?

Loop and cut piles both have pros and cons. One of the main benefits of level loop pile carpets is that the strands of wool or synthetic fibres are highly resilient to crushing, soiling and staining. Dust, dirt, debris and spills don’t penetrate level loop pile carpets to the same degree as a cut pile which means they may have more resistance to staining. Loop pile carpets are also less likely to show footprints or imprints from furniture than cut pile carpets and they also don’t leave tracking marks after vacuuming.

Loop pile carpets can provide a diverse range of carpet designs because they can be manufactured into a variety of patterned and textured designs, or smooth and even finishes, creating quite different visual impressions. Note the diverse appearances of Carpet Court’s textured loop Far North and the Borneo plain loop collection.

Far North is crafted in 100% pure Berber wool but it is the textured loop which creates quite different appearances, one fairly natural and the other with distinctive patterns. The plain loop of the Borneo carpets creates a continuous uniform finish with minimal texture, but still more texture than a cut pile carpet.

While loop pile carpets are considered easier to clean than cut pile carpets because spills sit on the surface of a loop pile longer than on a cut pile, innovative technological manufacturing processes must also take some credit as they have produced excellent stain resistant properties, particularly in synthetic carpets.

When comparing loop and cut piles, possibly the only con to using loop pile carpet is that it may lack the high-end smooth finish of a luxurious cut pile carpet. For formal lounges or luxury homes the cut pile provides a sleek appearance while visually a loop pile may be better suited to casual areas of the home. That said, it is a matter of taste as to whether you prefer the appearance of loop or cut piles.

What are the benefits of loop pile carpet?

Is loop pile carpet durable?

Yes, looping the strands of wool or synthetic fibres through the carpet backing creates a highly durable and resilient surface.

Is loop pile carpet good? 

Loop pile carpet is perfect for family homes as it is durable, resilient, stylish and stain resistant. Loop pile is a popular style of carpet for high traffic areas in the home due to its strength and resilience. The patterned and textured appearance is a little more forgiving than a cut pile, especially in a darker colour, and a looped fibre has additional strength while also being stain and soil resistant.

As an indicator of how well loop pile carpets endure heavy foot traffic, loop pile is the construction often used in polypropylene carpets renowned for their hardwearing capabilities and the reason they are the preferred carpet for rental and commercial properties.

Where can I see different types of carpet in-store?

Use the online store locator to easily locate your nearest store and peruse their extensive combination of cut, loop and twist pile carpets. See and touch the range of carpet fibres, types and colours first-hand. Alternatively, you can phone 1300 CARPET and find your local store that way.

Viewing the range of carpets in-store is a great way to get lots of useful information which will help you determine the best type of carpet for your home environment and your budget. With important considerations such as whether to get wool or synthetic carpets, cut or looped pile as well as dark, medium or light colours– it can be helpful to get advice and opinions from the expert, knowledgeable staff at your local Carpet Court store.

Is loop pile carpet good for high traffic areas?

Is loop pile carpet affordable?

Many factors determine the price of carpet. The size of the area you need to cover is a large component of the total price as the type of fibre as there is a difference in the cost of wool, synthetic nylon, polyester, polypropylene and blended carpet types.

To help with your budget considerations the website categorises carpets into $, $$ or $$$ price ranges. Within those price categories you will find a combination of cut and loop pile carpets as well as pure wool, synthetic or blended fibre carpets, all of which impact upon the price.

So, while loop pile carpets can be classified as affordable because you will find them in our lowest priced carpet ranges, you will also find loop pile carpets in our most luxurious carpet ranges too, making loop pile carpet affordable regardless of your budget.