Carpet is a timeless floor covering delivering many benefits including style and comfort. While hard floors also have their place in many homes, carpet has additional features that hard flooring can’t deliver, such as noise reduction, insulation and comfort underfoot. Carpets come in varying fibres, colours and pile constructions, but the most luxurious and sensual has to be plush carpet pile. Visually and physically appealing, plush carpet brings both elegance and cosiness to your home’s interior design.

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What is plush carpet? 

Plush carpet pile is cut to a uniform height creating a sleek, smooth finish. It is dense, constructed from closely tufted strands, and can have a velvety appearance. Plush carpet is beautifully soft and can be made from both wool or synthetic fibres.

There are a number of luxuriously warm plush carpets to consider from within Carpet Court’s extensive range made from soft and durable wool blends. In the synthetic range, there are stunning plush, polyester carpets available in a variety of gorgeous earthy tones. These aesthetically pleasing carpets offer the supreme softness and warmth that is associated with plush carpet pile.

What are the benefits of plush carpet?

Depending on the fibre you choose, plush carpet pile offers excellent comfort and luxuriousness at an affordable price. The close construction of the pile has a cushioning effect making it ideal for areas in the home where comfort is required, such as bedrooms and living areas.

Plush carpets have protective elements added to repel dirt and stains and provide simple maintenance. Spills can easily be spot cleaned in time to prevent staining as the protective coatings delay the time it takes for liquids to penetrate the carpet fibres. Everyday dirt is also repelled and doesn’t easily stick to plush carpet piles.

Plush carpets are durable and present as tasteful and stylish, creating a high-end, luxurious impression.

What areas is plush carpet ideal for? What is plush carpet?

In certain lights the cut edge of a plush carpet pile can tend to show slightly uneven marks from foot traffic, indentations from furniture and vague tracking marks from vacuum cleaners. For these reasons it can be better suited to homes or areas of the home that don’t receive a high volume of traffic or a great deal of activity.

Plush pile can be especially suited to executive or formal homes or areas within the family home which don’t experience a lot of family activity. It is certainly durable and it can easily withstand the rigours of daily life, but it may not mask the signs as well as other carpet piles.

Being so luxuriously comfortable and cosy, plush carpet is ideal for bedrooms, formal lounges and formal dining rooms.

Where can I see different types of carpet in-store? Where can I see different types of carpet in-store?

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer. As their carpet collection is so vast, it can be best to see the different types in-store, rather than online, so that you can assess the carpets’ physical qualities too.

With so many important facets to consider when choosing a new carpet, such as the type of fibre, pile, colour and texture – it is a good idea to get advice and information from one of the friendly, knowledgeable staff at your local Carpet Court store. They can also provide you with important information regarding installation, underlay and warranties.

To find your local Carpet Court store, go online and use the store locator or phone 1300 CARPET and find your local store that way.

Are there affordable options for plush carpets?

Yes, at Carpet Court there are many affordable carpets ready to transform your house into a beautiful home. There are plush pile carpets available in both wool and synthetic fibres in our lower priced carpet range like the very affordable and beautiful Cornerstone carpet collection, available in eight incredible colours to complement any décor.

There are hardwearing synthetic plush carpets in the mid price range, with all of the visible beauty of carpets twice the price.  At the other end of the scale you can find collections that are like heavenly pillows underfoot.

As everybody’s budget is vastly different, the extensive range of carpets available at Carpet Court are sure to meet the needs of every consumer.

To help you find a plush carpet within your budget, check our website for carpets categorised into $, $$ or $$$ pricing structures.

Of course, the final cost is going to depend on the size of the area you need to carpet. To ascertain the total cost of the carpet which is perfect for your home and your budget, call Carpet Court on 1300 CARPET and ask for a free, in-home measure and quote.