There is something a little decadent about sinking your bare feet into luxuriously soft carpet. Due to its durability, comfort and style, beautiful wool or synthetic carpet has stood the test of time and remains a popular flooring product in many Australian homes to this day. There are different types of fibres, colours, prices and pile types to decide on when choosing a carpet. Some fibres and piles are even blended, so you can find a wool/synthetic blend carpet and a cut and loop pile blended carpet. More commonly though, the pile construction of your carpet will either be loop, plush or twist and each type has many benefits, so it is a matter of choosing which best suits your home environment, lifestyle and budget.

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What is twist carpet?

Twist pile carpets have tightly twisted fibres which are found only in cut pile carpets or carpets where there is a blend of cut and loop pile construction. Twisting the cut fibres together increases the strength of each fibre, which makes a twist pile carpet highly resilient.  

Twist pile carpets have a slightly more textured, less uniform look than something like a plush pile carpet. An example of a popular twist pile carpet is the Lifestyle+ Hideaway collection of Triexta carpet in a durable twist pile construction. Available in an impressive range of twenty deluxe colours to suit any interior style, Lifestyle+ Hideaway’s hardwearing twist pile delivers a smooth, slightly textured finish able to withstand a whirlwind of family living.

What are the benefits of twist carpet?

Twist pile carpets are popular in family homes because the varying positions of the twisted fibres make indents and impressions from furniture and foot traffic less obvious. The slight texture that is caused by twists in the fibres also hides some soiling and specks such as lint.

Twist pile carpet is like a middle child, sitting between the sleek, smooth finish of a plush pile carpet and the slightly bumpier surface of a loop pile carpet.

With a foot in both camps, twist pile carpet offers the benefits of both. It can easily deliver the high end, luxurious look of a plush carpet without being so smooth as to show every impression made upon it. It doesn’t have the same laid back, casual style as many loop pile carpets but is just as resilient and hardwearing.

What is twist carpet?

Is twist carpet durable?

Perfectly suited to any family home, twist pile carpet is hardwearing and highly resistant to staining, crushing and fading. A twist pile carpet in a wool fibre has natural repellents to moisture and light soiling, so it can cope well with the rigours of family life. It also has natural buoyancy and will spring back after compression in much the same way wool clothing does.

A synthetic twist pile carpet is engineered to be highly durable and has excellent stain and soil resistance. The synthetic fibres have great memory so they will also bounce back when crushed. Because of technological advancements in manufacturing techniques, synthetic twist pile carpets have a better resistance to fading than their wool counterparts. All carpets should be protected from direct sunlight however, in order to increase their longevity.

What areas is twist carpet ideal for?

Is twist carpet durable?

A carpet constructed in a twist pile format is well suited to high traffic areas, such as hallways, family rooms, stair cases and busy living areas because it has excellent resilience and won’t show impressions from foot traffic or furniture as readily as a plush pile carpet.

Twist pile is equally at home in an elegant, formal living area as it has a stylish and sophisticated finish as appealing as plush carpet.

Where can I see different types of carpet in-store?

Carpet Court has a vast collection of carpets in many different styles and colours. With so many to choose from, it can be easier to view samples at your local store rather than online. This enables you to assess the carpets’ physical qualities too, such as how it feels.

Trying to decide which type of fibre, what pile construction, which is the perfect colour and what texture feels best is not easy!  Discussing your home environment, budget and lifestyle with the knowledgeable and professional staff at your local Carpet Court store can help.

The friendly staff will also provide important information regarding installation, underlay, warranties and of course price. The best way to ascertain which carpets are within your budget is to ask for a free, in-home measure and quote.

To find your local Carpet Court store, go online and use the store locator or phone 1300 CARPET to find your local store and arrange a free, in-home measure and quote today.