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    Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, commercial vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring solution for office environments as well as the hospitality, retail, aged care, healthcare and education sectors. 

    Featuring modern woodgrain, stone, geometric and abstract designs, commercial grade vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks are not only visually appealing but also low maintenance, cost effective, resilient and durable flooring options for commercial settings. 

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    1. Commercial_Vinyl_Classic_Mystique
      Commercial Vinyl Classic Mystique PUR
    2. Commercial_Flooring_Expona_Commercial_Lifestyle_1
      Commercial Vinyl Expona Commercial
    3. Commercial-Vinyl_Expona-Flow-Concrete_Light-Grey
      Commercial Vinyl Expona Flow Pur
    4. Commercial-Vinyl_Expona-Simplay-Plank_American-Oak
      Commercial Vinyl Expona Simplay
    5. Commercial-Vinyl_Expona-Superplank_Heritage-Bark
      Commercial Vinyl Expona Superplank
    6. Commercial-Vinyl_Forest-FX_Alloyed-Timber
      Commercial Vinyl Forest FX
    7. Commercial-Vinyl_MiPlank_Sassafras
      Commercial Vinyl MiPlank
    8. Carpet_Tiles_Natural_Stones_Cool_Impala_Marble
      Commercial Vinyl Natural Stones
    9. Carpet_Tiles_Natural_Woodgrains_Madagascar
      Commercial Vinyl Natural Woodgrains
    10. Commercial_Vinyl_Palettone_Urban_Air
      Commercial Vinyl Palettone
    11. Commercial_Vinyl_Polysafe_Apex_Green_Quartz
      Commercial Vinyl Polysafe APEX
    12. Commercial_Vinyl_Polysafe_Quattro_Calm_Azure
      Commercial Vinyl Polysafe Quattro
    13. Commercial_Vinyl_Polysafe_Verona_PUR_Cookie_Cream
      Commercial Vinyl Polysafe Verona PUR
    14. Commercial-Vinyl_Polysafe-Verona-Pure-PUR_Mocha
      Commercial Vinyl Polysafe Verona Pure PUR
    15. Carpet_Tiles_Textured_Woodgrains_Ash_Walnut
      Commercial Vinyl Textured Woodgrains
    16. Commercial-Vinyl_XL-PUR_Blue-Zircon
      Commercial Vinyl XL Pur
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    What is commercial vinyl flooring?

    Commercial vinyl flooring is designed to withstand the demands of high traffic areas. While it is widely used in commercial applications such as the hospitality industry, retail and educational facilities, the health sector and within office settings, vinyl flooring is also a popular flooring solution in commercial and residential properties because of its natural resilience, durability, ease of maintenance and the diverse collection of visually stunning designs.

    Commercial flooring products are available in vinyl sheets, vinyl planks and vinyl tiles. Made from a combination of synthetic polymer materials, it offers superior slip resistance and has a high quality wear layer. The wear layer is a polyurethane-based protective coating keeping the floor free from scratches, scuffs and stains. 

    Carpet Court have vinyl flooring collections in a large number of stunning designs. Beautiful woodgrain, natural stone, abstract and geometric designs in a huge choice of colours provide your commercial or home environment with a striking yet practical and durable floor covering for high traffic areas.

    How to install commercial vinyl flooring?

    At Carpet Court we provide expert installation services by our team of fully qualified installers who are experienced at laying all types of commercial flooring in commercial applications and residential properties.

    When laying loose lay vinyl sheets, vinyl planks or vinyl tile flooring products in commercial and residential environments it is important to follow the current Australian standards for the installation of floor coverings.

    The correct subfloor preparation is essential for a high quality result which is why we recommend speaking with your local Carpet Court store about utilising their professional installation services.

    If you are considering laying commercial vinyl flooring yourself as a DIY project, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines with respect to the recommended materials and techniques. 

    How to polish commercial vinyl flooring?

    If your luxury vinyl floors are in need of a polish, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for instructions related to your specific type of vinyl floor. Alternatively, speak to the knowledgeable and highly experienced team at your local Carpet Court store – they are happy to provide the information you need.

    Is commercial vinyl flooring good for high traffic areas?

    Commercial vinyl flooring is specially made for high traffic areas in both commercial and residential settings, providing a long-lasting, low maintenance floor with visual appeal.

    Featuring 2mm to 5mm gauge flooring with high quality .55mm to .75mm wear layers, our vinyl sheet and vinyl plank flooring provides a high degree of slip resistance within the home, office, retail, commercial and business facilities.

    While the practical benefits of commercial vinyl flooring are obvious, one shouldn’t overlook the fact that our extensive range of contemporary floors are also extremely stylish and visibly appealing for both commercial and residential settings.

    Whether the woodgrain, natural stone or modern abstract designs are best suited to your home or commercial surroundings, luxury vinyl flooring is a hardwearing floor with a high degree of visual appeal adding distinct flair and style.

    Is commercial vinyl flooring slip resistant?

    Yes, the technical specifications associated with commercial vinyl flooring include a classified slip rating in accordance with Australian Standards. Our range typically includes a high level of slip resistance, ranked between R9 and R12.

    While many vinyl flooring products are designed for commercial situations, the high slip rating makes them a safe choice for the family home too, especially in areas where spills or splashes may create a slip hazard. Vinyl is a hygienic, low-allergy surface which is easy to clean.

    How do I choose the best commercial vinyl flooring?

    Visit your nearest Carpet Court showroom and speak with the experts about which commercial vinyl flooring products will best suit your needs.

    If you’re not sure where your closest Carpet Court showroom is, simply click here to find your local store.