Blackbutt is an Australian hardwood with a botanical name of Eucalyptus Pilularis. Being classed as a hardwood, Blackbutt has an excellent rating on the Janka hardwood scale, making it a highly durable and resitilent flooring option. Browse our range of hard flooring in Blackbutt.

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What are the benefits of Blackbutt flooring?

What is Blackbutt flooring?

Blackbutt is an Australian hardwood with a botanical name of Eucalyptus Pilularis. Native to south eastern Australia, Blackbutt timber has a fairly straight grain pattern and warm, pale brown tones.

Blackbutt solid timber flooring is a durable, high performing and visually beautiful floor solution. Because timber floors can be sanded and finished repeatedly when they show signs of wear and tear, they can last a lifetime.  Installed using a secret nail technique where the nails are driven into the tongue and are obscured by the next board, authentic Blackbutt hardwood flooring is a luxury floor with a seamless finish.

Blackbutt is also the woodgrain of choice for many floating timber, hybrid, laminate and vinyl floors. In an engineered floating timber floor strips of Blackbutt hardwood form layers, and in hybrid, laminate or vinyl floors realistic digital imagery is used to give the appearance of naturally beautiful Blackbutt.

What are the benefits of Blackbutt flooring?

Because Blackbutt is classed as a hardwood with an excellent rating on the Janka hardwood scale, it makes a highly resilient and durable flooring surface. It’s light to mid-range colours make it an easy floor to complement a range of interior styles and colours while the smooth, flowing grain is easy on the eye in large, open plan homes.

The raw, physical beauty of native Blackbutt makes it a popular choice within timber, hybrid, laminate and vinyl flooring lines..

Can I use Blackbutt flooring in the kitchen?

Is Blackbutt flooring suitable for my home?

Blackbutt features in our timber flooring range within the Stockmans Ridge, Readyflor and Latitude 25 collections. If the visual appeal of Blackbutt is your preference, it is then a matter of ascertaining which flooring product is the most suitable for your home environment, lifestyle and budget. Luckily you will also find the immense beauty of Blackbutt present in several of our hybrid, laminate and vinyl collections.

Our amazingly realistic and luxurious laminate floors offer fabulous hardwearing properties while still being affordable for family homes. Check out the Big Country, Classic, Colonial Plus, Eligna and Largo flooring collections to see the breathtaking beauty of Blackbutt timber within durable, resilient laminate floating floors.

Can I use Blackbutt flooring in the kitchen?

Waterproof hybrid and vinyl floors are ideal products for the entire home including wet areas and kitchens in particular. Check out the Aqua-Tuf, Kenect 5G, Pinnacle and Veles ranges in our amazingly versatile hybrid floors to see the realistic Blackbutt woodgrain finish. Blending the best qualities of laminate and vinyl, hybrid flooring is a popular product with the ability to bring the stylish good looks of a range of timbers to your floors, including Blackbutt.

Today’s innovative vinyl plank and vinyl sheet floors offer an affordable method of fashionable flooring fusing the visible characteristics of woodgrain floors with hygienic, easy-to-clean, long lasting vinyl.  To put the beauty of Blackbutt hardwood flooring into your home without breaking the budget, choose from the Laneway, Modular Living Plus or Polaris vinyl plank collections.

What maintenance does Blackbutt need?

The required maintenance is dependent on the type of flooring you choose. But whether you choose Blackbutt in timber, hybrid, laminate or vinyl, you can rest assured your beautiful Blackbutt floating floors will be easy to care for, resilient and durable while being more forgiving than tiles and cleaner than carpet.

With most floating floor surfaces a vacuum using hard floor attachments will sort out household dust and debris, with the occasional damp mop an effective way to remove stubborn marks. Microfibre mops and soft, indoor brooms can be used in place of a vacuum. Care should be taken when using cleaning products on your floating floors.

The helpful team at your local Carpet Court store can provide further advice on the care and maintenance your chosen floors will need, which should always be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.