Floating Timber

Walk on air with the warmth and beauty of floating timber flooring for a fraction of the price of a wood floor. Carpet Court showrooms offer a huge selection of affordable, functional and stylish floating timber floors for your busy home or office zone.

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    Timber Stockmans Ridge
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    Timber Project Oak
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    Timber Habitat
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    Timber Oak Essentials
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    Timber Settlers Run
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    Timber De Marque Herringbone
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    Timber Latitude 25
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What is the best floating timber options for my home?

What is a floating timber floor?

The term ‘floating floor’ describes the method of flooring installation, rather than the product itself. Unlike floorboards, a floating timber floor does not attach to the subfloor beneath. Individual planks or floorboards are attached to one another.

Are floating hardwood floors good?

Floating hardwood floors are a great flooring option. The benefits of a floating hardwood floor include low maintenance, affordable pricing and installation costs, engineered durability and the flexibility to withstand expansion and contraction caused by environmental conditions.

Floating hardwood floors are durable, stylish and suitable for high-traffic areas of the home and office. They can bring a classic, timeless beauty or a sleek, modern appearance to your home and interior space, depending on the design and colour you choose and the room’s décor. The addition of rugs serves to soften and insulate living rooms and hallways and also helps to minimise noise in bedrooms.

What varieties of floating timber are available for my home?

Can you glue down a floating wood floor?

Floating wood floors can be glued and are relatively simple to lay, making them the ideal choice for a DIY project. The expert team at Carpet Court can also have your new floating wood floor expertly laid in no time. Individual boards or planks are either glued to one another or slotted together in a click-lock system.

How much does a floating floor cost?

The cost of your floating floor depends on the size of your room and type and style of your ideal floating floor. 

Carpet Court offers an extensive range of floating floor solutions, colours, looks and styles to suit every home, office space and also perfectly matches your budget.

Find our Australia-wide Carpet Court showrooms online to contact Carpet Court for a free measure and quote on all of your floating floor needs.

How do you choose the right timber floor for you?

Choosing the right timber floor for you is a matter of the type of room and style of timber flooring to suit your interior space.

Timber floors are ideal for use throughout your entire home, as they are designed to suit any room — from a formal lounge to a children’s playroom.

You can achieve the look and warmth of natural woods, such as spotted gum, Blackbutt, jarrah, Sydney blue gum, Tasmanian oak and other Australian hardwoods, with the beauty and durability of laminate flooring and, laminate planks and all laminate flooring options in floating timber flooring.  

Choosing floating timber flooring for a commercial space also provides a long-lasting, hard-wearing, practical, affordable and beautiful flooring solution for high-traffic areas.