Adding a rug to a room creates interest, personality and helps zone different spaces. When selecting the perfect rug, its also important to understand which shape best suits the space. Some factors to consider may include the style you are looking to achieve or the room size itself. Round rugs are a great way to soften a space and add further interest through shape. Available in a number of beautiful designs, colours and styles - you are sure to find the perfect round rug design at Carpet Court to complete your desired look.

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What types of rugs can I choose from?

What types of round rugs can I choose from?

Our collection of round rugs includes international designs in contemporary and traditional styles, natural and synthetic fibres.

The popular Atrium Jute collection creates an organic, casual impression and are flat woven, reversible rugs made in India.  Available in over 20 amazing colours and styles, the Atrium Jute rugs also come in a great range of sizes.

The gorgeous Evoke rugs are a timeless blend of modern and traditional rugs made in Turkey. Highly durable polypropylene means these rugs don’t shed and are easy to clean. Choose from dozens of luxurious designs, colours and sizes.

Rugs are perfect additions to kids’ bedrooms and our range of 100% acrylic rugs made in China and pure wool rugs made in India are all resilient, colourful and fun. Thick, soft and hand-tufted, the kids will love the soft feel and playful colours perfect for bedrooms or playrooms.

The Oslo range of rugs are a beautiful blend of natural, earthy colours set to complement any floor and décor. Made from 100% low-shed polyester fibre, they have a cotton backing, plush pile blended from thick and thin yarn which creates depth and interest with a rich, textured appeal.

What rooms would best suit a round rug?

A round rug can look fabulous in any room depending on the furniture and arrangement of the room. A large round rug in a living space can look fantastic when it is large enough for all the furniture to fit, or a smaller round rug in beneath a round coffee table looks very chic.

Round dining tables upon a larger round rug is ideal, so of course round rugs look great in dining rooms. They also soften the room and create a relaxing and inclusive ambience which is ideal for your dining area. Sun rooms are casual spaces which are ideal for modern round rugs in natural fibres such as jute, while a round rug in your kitchen can reduce all the sharp angles and make your kitchen appear larger.

Round rugs even look amazing in a bathroom! They are the perfect shape to take centre stage and fill that void always found in the middle of a bathroom. As bathrooms are often somewhat cold and hard, a round rug adds softness and comfort to even the chilliest of bathrooms!

Can you use round rugs under tables?

What sizes of round rugs can I purchase?

Our vast collection of round rugs come in several sizes to suit a variety of rooms and furniture. The Evoke rugs range from 150 x 150 to 240 x 240.  The Atrium Jute rugs start in a cute 120 x 120 size and go up to 240 x 240 while the Oslo and Kids’ round rugs come in 120 x 120 and 150 x 150.

Can you use round rugs under tables?

A round rug under a round table looks stunning, as long as the rug is large enough that it encompasses the chairs when they are pulled out. The idea is to have the rug big enough that the dining chairs don’t fall off the rug when they are in use.

Generally speaking you would match the shape of the rug to the table, but there are no hard and fast rules! In fact, a round rug beneath a square table can look fantastic. Mix and match your shapes to create your own unique style. When it comes to rugs beneath tables it is the size of the rug that matters.

What colours of round rugs are available?

Hmmm, how many colours are there on a colour wheel? From stylish, soft greys to the vibrant “stripe candy,” the kids’ rugs come in a range of vibrant, playful colours to delightfully cool blues and gentle greens.

The Jute rugs blend natural earthy tones with brilliant splashes of colour while the Evoke range blends muted blues, greys and creamy tones to create a peaceful mood.

From a cheeky little round rug to add a playful tone to your kitchen or dining nook, right through to a huge, plush round rug in your formal living spaces, round rugs bring a number of elements to your home décor.